The Family A Proclamation to the World

I first saw this idea at my neighbors house… Her mom took her proofs from her wedding photos and put them around a framed copy of The Family: A Proclamation to the World. At this time I was married and had 2 kids. I didn’t really want to use only wedding photos, but I also didn’t want to exclude my future children by using current family pictures. So I literally have been waiting for almost 6 years to do this project. We are pretty sure 5 kids is our magic number, as we have taken medical steps to make it so. That being the case I finally decided that it would be alright to do this project.

For years I had a blank mat around my Proclamation.


Blank Mat

I wanted to show the progression of my family thus far. So I put everything from wedding pictures to current family pictures into a folder on the computer. Now for the research. I searched photo printing sites for wallets size photos. I was looking at $13-$20 range for my prints, which was more than I wanted to pay. Besides I didn’t need multiple copies of these photos.  Most are already in scrap books. I took my problem to my personal engineer, my husband. He had the suggestion putting 2 pictures on 1 print. This can be done with a number of programs, but he did it in paint. I had the pictures printed at They were running a sale on free shipping. So my prints for this project cost $1.40ish… basically a 90% savings. Thank goodness for my personal engineer.

2 Pictures 1 Print

2 Pictures 1 Print

Next I cut apart the photos. I started placing photos around to get a feel for placement.


Testing Placement


Tentative Placement

Next trim the photos to fit on the mat.


Trim to fit mat.

Use adhesive of your choice to hold pictures in place. I just used a scrapbook adhesive because it was easy to use and acid free. Start on a corner to keep it square.


Start on a corner to keep it square.

Once all pictures are glued down trim any that went past the mat. This can be done with an exacto knife which will give a nice edge. I just used scissors so my edge is a little rougher.


Trim Overhang.

Center the proclamation in the mat. Then glue down.


Center it.

When we made two pictures into one we did not make sure that each was exactly 1/2 of a 4×6 print. So some of our pictures were larger and some were smaller. Which is fine, but it left me with some white space. So I added an embellishment. It says our last name on the top and established with our wedding anniversary on the bottom.



Then I put my masterpiece back in the frame. I can honestly say it isn’t perfect, but I love it! This will be treasured for years to come it was worth the six year wait.


Our Family Proclamation


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