Old Pants Made New

As my children get older the hand-me-downs get fewer…..

Recently I was helping at at yard sale. As we were bagging up the leftover items I noticed there were a lot of women’s pajama pants. My oldest daughter is starting to move out of footed pajamas and needs more pajama options. I decided to put aside some of the cuter, but way too big for my daughter, pajama pants.

 I know this is not a new idea, but it is great for us.  The pants were just long enough, or is she just short enough, that there was enough fabric to make her 18″ doll Katy a matching pair… Some of the pants had enough fabric to make shirts as well…. but alas that is a project for another day. Next time I will take before during and after photos.

What once was big is now small!

What once was big is now small!

New pajamas for her and her doll!

This is what I did… I am not a master sewer, crafter, or the like. I am a dabbler that does things my own way usually without a pattern. I am not a perfectionist so my projects usually turn out a little less than perfect, but I like them and they are functional. If you think there is a better way to do this… By all means leave a comment. Who knows I might use your idea next time.


Find some too big pajama pants and wash them.


Try on. Pin equal amounts on each side to fit child’s waist. Pin desired length. Cut 1.5 inches past pin for length.


Serge down the sides of the pajama pants. Fold .75 inch twice on bottom and sew a hem. Cut Strings.

Enjoy your new pants.



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